Terri Champion was an answer to a prayer. After surgery on my vertebrae, deep tissue massage helps tremendously. And believe me, she is OutStanding!! A great massage therapist, that happens to be a great Christian, wife and mom! She is GREAT!!

     Coach David Bennett


Quinton Davis #95, DE Coastal Carolina University
This program has helped me with herniated back.  It has helped keep it stable during the season and became All Conference.  The women have also been very nice and helpful to try exercises on our own and stay injury free.


Nancy was fantastic! The only reason I won't be scheduling another appointment is that we are visiting from out of town. If we come back to Myrtle Beach, I would definitely try to get an appointment with her. Thank you!


Every year my cousins and I have weekend retreat and Summer has been with us annually she's just like part of the family. We look forward to her soothing hands and bubbly personality. It's been a pleasure for her to come. We're already excited about our next annual visit. Thanks for your professionalism, warm personal interest and expert hands....until our next visit!


II have been a client of Terri's for over 4 years and am thrilled I was introduced to her by my physical therapist as "one of the Best in the field."  Terri is a professional in her field.  I do so wonder what I did without her for so many years.  Having had lifelong back problems and multiple surgeries, I knew I'd be a challenge for anyone willing to help me through my pain and muscle spasms.  After an in depth medical history conversation, Terri fully understands and respects my needs and physical limitations and is very creative with her treatments.  She is willing to do anything in her power to help restore me to my best level of health possible. 

Thanks Terri and Coastal Holistics!!

Dontavais Johnson #4, DB Coastal Carolina University
Being able to have these massages weekly have definitely helped my performance on the field as well as kept me injury free.  It help my body to recover faster.  Great Therapists!!!

Drew Herring #78, OL Coastal Carolina University
It helped me recover quicker and feel more refreshed throughout the week.

Mike McClure #10, LB Coastal Carolina University
These massages helped me to stay injury free throughout the season.  Helped me recover faster.  They are not only Great Therapists, but Great People!!

Aramis Hillary #3, QB Coastal Carolina University
I have enjoyed these massages.  Not only have they made my body feel amazing, but they also help me clear my mind after a long weekend.  they are very relaxing, and has improved my performance tremendously.


My friend introduced me to Terri about 6 months ago and that was the best thing she could have done for me. I've been living with ankle and knee pain for 3 years and no other massage therapist or physical therapist has been able to help me. In only 2 sessions I feel a big difference and I know that going to her in the future I will get more relief. I love her studio; very comfortable and serene, I feel like I can totally relax. She has a gift.

     Karen B., Myrtle Beach


Brenda is awesome! I will be back very soon! Best massage I have ever had! Thank you! 


I met Terri about 15 years ago at Horry Georgetown Technical College. At the time we were both taking classes. I went on to pursue my degree in Business and Terri went on to get her massage therapy licenses'. When she started her business she contacted me about coming for massages. I am very reluctant when it comes to trying new things...I talked myself into going. I wanted to go mostly to support Terri in her new endeavor. Much to my surprise I LOVED IT. The first few times I went Terri would tell me "I have you...just let go." I was so tense, nervous and scared. Terri took it slow with me and always let me know what she was going to do before she did a certain type of massage. She would ask me if I was okay, if she is going too deep into painful areas? If I was uncomfortable she allowed me to tell her. I have been going to Terri since she stared her business in 2001. The whole experience is wonderful. You walk into a dim lit room, the sheets are straight the music is playing softly in the background all these things help you to relax and enjoy your time. Sometimes now I am so relaxed that I fall asleep a long ways from being scared to try something new. My body feels better. I am not as tired during the day. I don't feel as stressed. I look forward to MY DREAMSCAPES TIME!! Thanks Terri for the great friendship and massages.

     Sherry A. Harrelson, Osprey Marina General Manager


I have had massage therapy on a weekly basis for a little over a year now. Massage Therapy is almost an instant pain reliever. The Massage Therapy greatly helps relieve Fibromyalgia pain and achiness. I can barely contain myself with praises for Terri. It is a fabulous, luxurious feeling and very relaxing!!

     Awilda Ramos, Surfside Beach


Very few folks can afford a private jet, or ski vacation in Switzerland - BUT we all can treat ourselves to a Magnificent Massage. The truth is - it shouldn't be thought of as a 'Luxury' - rather a necessary therapeutic session. I have had many massages - literally - from massage therapists, as I travel to various parts of the world, BUT as God as my Witness, Terri Champion is by FAR the absolute BEST Massage Therapist that I have EVER had.

In Canada, my Insurance policy included four massages per year. With the stress of today's world, it is so very necessary to offset stress and body aches with regularly scheduled sessions. Again, Terri, THANK YOU for providing such a complete Therapeutic Massage. I LITERALLY get 10 times back the cost in productivity. You make me feel like a "New Man!" I am in a very stressful occupation and you make my life so much better. Terri, you are an Angel!!

     Gary Teachout, President Myrtle Beach Fire & Safety Group


Simply Put, Terri is the Best Massage Therapist I have ever had. This belief was only reinforced when I became pregnant. With all the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, Terri got me through it with weekly visits. She uses many different techniques to release and soothe your muscles & joints. She has the perfect, loving, caring touch. My husband is a fan as well!

     Lee Younts, Surfside Beach


Terri's skills go beyond her massage skills. She takes the time to address each individual's needs. In doing so, she has created a warm and welcoming environment for relaxation and healing.

     Jeff Pounds, CCU Athletic Trainer


There aren't enough words in our dictionary to describe how wonderful Terri is. Here is an example. I couldn't lift my left arm any higher than my shoulder. I had tried everything under the sun to get rid of the pain. What I hadn't tried was Massage Therapy. Lucky me, I got an appointment with Terri and that was the beginning of the healing process. Before I knew it, I could raise my arm over my head with NO discomfort and I haven't had any problems with my shoulder since. It has been about a year now.

I also recently had my back "go out", and for anyone who has had back problems, you know how painful it can be. Terri and her wonderful hands got my back into shape for my chiropractor to adjust. What normally takes weeks, took only days.

I continue to see Terri and receive massage therapy because our bodies are changing every day. Massage Therapy is good preventative maintenance for the body. I highly recommend Terri and DreamScapes Massage Therapy to everyone!

     Sherry Caudle, North Myrtle Beach


Hello Terri! I've never really done a testimony before and I'm not sure even how to write one, so I figured I would just tell you how you made me feel that very first massage. When you first laid your hands on me I felt the touch of a very caring person. Knowing you and what a Godly person you are, I felt as if you were letting Jesus work in you and through you. I've never had anyone take such care when moving my arms or head - you treated me as if I were something very precious. You made me feel special and like I was worth a million dollars! Your room is very inviting and very calm and serene. I love you choice of music and even the essential oils you put under my nose! I love the foot treatment with the warm towels and especially the head rub! Thank you for sharing your God given gift with me. I have never been "treated - just because" like you did for me and I truly appreciate that you thought of me just because you knew that I hurt. You touched my heart with your kindness and sincerity and I'll never forget that. I am so glad I have had the honor to get to know you and your family. You are such "real" people trying to do the best you can to honor God - and succeeding! Thank you again for my massage - I can't wait to get another one!

     Lori N, Loris


I never thought in my lifetime, I would ever get a massage. I did not want anyone touching me. Terri came along and changed my entire thought process. A massage is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. Something that everyone should try!! Terri, you have truly been blessed with a special gift. You know exactly where the tight muscles are hiding and you get rid of them. When my hour massage is up, I never want to move. It's like being on a vacation enjoying the most wonderful experience there is. You are truly the best!!!!!

     Wanda D., Myrtle Beach


My experience of DreamScapes Massage has been absolutely the best! I so enjoy each session; the hot stones, the hands of magic, the aroma and soft relaxing music, will leave you too, ready to come back for more! Every "Body" needs an escape, let your mind dream, while your body is in paradise!

     Robin Mager, Myrtle Beach


I have been a client of Terri's for over 3 years. I am a Claims Associate with Blue Cross Blue Shield and this entails having to sit in front of a computer for at least 8 hours a day keying in data. When I first began receiving massages from Terri, I was having major tension and pain not only in my neck and shoulders, but also in my legs. Thanks to Terri's expertise in massage therapy, my symptoms have greatly improved as well as my leg mobility and range of motion. She has been a blessing to me. She is always so upbeat and has such a positive attitude, that not only do my visits to her help me physically, but they brighten my day as well ..Thanks Terri, you are the Best!!!

     Iris Harrelson, Conway


I have been going to Terri for 6 years now and I couldn't live without her. She has helped me through a few car accidents. Plus I work two jobs and I have a lot of stress which cause my muscles to knot up. I feel like a million bucks when I leave there. I've gone to many others and no one has been as intuitive to my needs as she is, she always makes you feel very comfortable. I have introduced a lot of new-to-massage people to her and they were very nervous, but their review afterward was that she made them feel at ease.

     Teri Baum, Owner Dart Automotive, Conway

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